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Western Yodel Express

Western Yodel Express

Growing up in Southeastern Idaho, my mother always sang me the songs of the of the Sons of the Pioneers and other familiar ballads of the old west.  This album is dedicated to all those great western singing and yodeling legends who a generation earlier showed me and others the true western way.  Every song is in English and you will recognize most of them.  The only exception is Colorado Melody of which I wrote the words put to a wonderful German melody, La Pastorella. Lots of yodeling.

CD $15.00

Song Samples in mp3 format
Happy Roving Cowboy - yodel

Cool Water - yodel
Ghost Riders in the Sky

Fraulein - yodel

Colorado Melody

Crazy Plum Loco - yodel

How the Yodel was Born - yodel

Red River Medley - yodel

Ragtime Cowboy Joe - Emilie

Nighttime in Nevada - yodel

They Call the Wind Mariah

Quick Silver - yodel

Please note that all of the sound files associated with the albums are only small segments of each song.  The sound quality will not be as good as the originals because we have compressed them a bit.  This has been done so that the clips will load faster on your computer.  The entire songs are on the CD's that you may purchase.

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